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Nov. 04, 1940 GREECE: Land of Invasion
Nov. 04, 1940 BALKAN THEATRE: Shots at Corizza
Nov. 11, 1940 THE BALKANS: One for All, All for None
Nov. 18, 1940 BALKAN THEATRE: Murk
Nov. 25, 1940 BALKAN THEATRE: First Round Hellas

Dec. 02, 1940 World War: Sons of Greece
Dec. 02, 1940 BALKAN THEATRE: Zeto Hellas
Dec. 09, 1940 BALKAN THEATRE: Children of Socrates

Dec. 16, 1940 BALKAN THEATRE: Surprise No 6
Dec. 23, 1940 ITALY: Most Solemn Moment
Dec. 30, 1940 STRATEGY: Axis on Second Front

Jan.  13, 1941 INTERNATIONAL: Bulgaria Starts the Cure
Jan.  13, 1941 BALKAN THEATRE: Race for Valona

Jan.  20, 1941 World War: Lowlands of 1941
Jan.  20, 1941 BALKAN THEATRE: After Klisura

Feb.  03, 1941 BALKAN THEATRE: Growing Counter

Feb. 10, 1941 GREECE: Wanted Bone and Gristle
Feb. 10, 1941 BALKAN THEATRE: Heaviest, Firmest
Feb. 17, 1941 SOUTHERN THEATRE: Fall of Bengasi

Feb. 24, 1941 THE BALKANS: Hitler Gets It
Feb. 24, 1941 BALKAN THEATRE: You Just Retreat
TWI-40-11-08 The Bully of Rome Strikes At Little Greece
Over the Balkans Break the Clouds of War
With the Navy Britain Honors her Pledge
TWI-41-02-21 The Heroic Greek Army Hurled Back Mussolini
TWI-40-11-15 Byron Would Have Been Proud of Greece Today
Scenes in the New War Zone
No "Walk-Over" for Mussolini's Legions
Italian Planes in Battle for Greece
Like the Greeks of Old Who Triumphed at Marathon and Salamis
TWI-41-02-28 The Battle of Nerves in the Balkans
War Clouds Loom aove Europe's Cockpit
TWI-40-11-22 Mussolini's Men Checked in the Mountain Battle
Italian Objectives - But the Greeks Barred the Way
Greece's Fortifications are the Gift of Nature
Now War Has Come to the Isles of Greece
Welcome Bases for Britain at Italy's Back Door
TWI-41-03-07 Mighty Men of valour Are the Greeks
Soldiers of Our Ally Ready for Action
TWI-40-11-29 On to Koritza the Victorious Greeks
Fiasco of Mussolini's First Invasion Attempt
TWI-41-03-14 Blowing Up for a Gale in the Balkans
TWI-40-12-06 Koritza Falls: Long Live Greece!
Soon the Italian Defeat Became a Rout
TWI-41-03-21 Once Again Bulgaria Takes the Wrong Turning
Over the Balkans Spread the German Hordes
In the Balkan Ferment Turkey Stands Fast
Still the Greeks Are On Top in Albania
TWI-40-12-13 Still the Greeks Drove on in Triumph
Brothers-in-Arms in the Balkan War
Britain Helps to Hit the Italians Hard
The Royal Air Force Now Plays its Part in Greece
TWI-41-03-28 If War Should Spread in the Middle East
Mountain Warfare in Albania Heights
Greek Islanders Treated Me Like a King
TWI-40-12-20 Black Days for Italy in Albania
The Greeks Have a Wold for "Thumbs Up"
Comrades-in-Arms on the Field of Glory
Captains of a Greece Reborn to Greatness
The "Conquest" Italy Is Now Fast Losing
TWI-41-04-04 Again the Greeks Smashed the Italian Hordes
What Did the Duce Think of the Debacle?
TWI-40-12-27 In Albania the Italians Retreated Still
From Triumph to Triumph the Greeks Press On
TWI-41-04-10 Though Betrayed Yugoslavia Was Not Lost
Long Live Greece Free and Immortal!
(120 years 1821)
Her Warriors Write in Blood a Glorious Epic
We Didn't Laugh Long at the Greeks!
TWI-41-01-03 'Mid Snow and Rain the Greeks Still Advanced
Athens Was a City of Victory Smiles
Not Even in the Adriatic Is Italy Safe
TWI-41-04-25 How Hitler Struck at Greece and Yugoslavia
(Apr.6 1941)
Where the New Balkan War Is Being Fought
Salonika Fell After Three Days of War
Eden and Dill Acclaimed in Athens
British Soldiers Are No Strangers to Greece
TWI-41-01-10 Slow but Sure Was the Greeks' Progress
Chimara's Fall Opened the Road to Valona
Greek Thanksgiving for the Rout of the Invader
TWI-41-05-02 Into Battle Went the 'Forces of the Empire'
When Greek Met German in Macedonia
We Simply Had to Help the Greeks!
Not Winter Nor the Italians Beat Our Allies
I Was Nearly Caught in Salonika
TWI-41-01-17 Across the Mountains Winds the Victors' Trail
A Winter's Tale of War in the Balkans
Into Koritza with the Victorious Greeks
TWI-41-05-09 How Britons and Anzacs Fought in Greece
'They Wove New Legends Round Mt. Olympus
The Greeks Fought Nobly to the End
TWI-41-01-24 More Laurels for the Amazing Greeks
Again There Was Rejoicing in Athens
TWI-41-05-16 Bitter Indeed Were the Last Hours in Greece
Once Again the 'Few' Did Heroic Work
All Greece Overrun by the Nazi Hordes
TWI-41-01-31 The Greeks Tore the 'Tuscan Wolves' to Shreds
See the Conquerors Enter Argyrokastro
TWI-41-05-23 The Campaign in Greece: A Factual Survey
Twenty Days of Fierce Fighting All the Way
How the Navy Got Our Men Away from Greece
TWI-41-02-07 They Are Making It 'The Glory that Is Greece' TWI-41-05-30 What a Task Was the R.A.F.'s in Greece!
Hitlerism Pollutes the Fount of Freedom
TWI-41-02-14 At Dead of Night the Greeks Charged to Victory
My Nightmare Climb near Tepelini
Greeks Carried Me over the Mountains
Mar. 03, 1941 GERMANY-- ITALY: Springtime for the Dictators
Mar. 03, 1941 THE BALKANS: Actions Speak Louder
Mar. 03, 1941 BALKAN THEATRE: Il Duce Talks Tanks
Mar. 10, 1941 BALKAN THEATRE: Spring is Here
Mar. 17, 1941 INTERNATIONAL: Hitler's Timetable
Mar. 17, 1941 THE BALKANS: Yugoslavia Next
Mar. 17, 1941 BALKAN THEATRE: Even Without the Turks
Mar. 24, 1941 BALKAN THEATRE: Toward the Unwelcome
Mar. 31, 1941 YUGOSLAVIA: Hitler at the Frontier

Apr. 07, 1941 BALKAN THEATRE: Hornets in the Hills

Apr. 14, 1941 World War, STRATEGY: A Dictator's Hour
Apr. 14, 1941 BALKAN THEATER: Soul v. Steel
Apr. 21, 1941 BALKAN THEATER: Weakness Defies Strength

Apr. 28, 1941 GREECE: 80-Day Premier
Apr. 28, 1941 BALKAN THEATER: Happy Birthday

May. 05, 1941 BALKAN THEATER: Too Many of Them
May. 12, 1941 GREECE: According to Formula

The following collections are hand-picked covers and excerpts from the best articles on Greece in World War II, 28th October until 27th April 1941. Use them as chronological guides to TIME's past coverage of a person, event, or topic.
The War Illustrated was a British war magazine published in London by William Berry (later Viscount Camrose and owner of The Daily Telegraph). The following issues were taken from the "The War Illustrated Archive".  These issues contain articles of Greece from 28th October 1940 to April 1941
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