28th October 1940 - "OXI" Day. Premier General Ioannis Metaxas rejected an Italian ultimatum demanding the occupation of Greek territory, Italian forces invade Greece.(28η Οκτωβρίου 1940)

Nov. 04, 1940 GREECE: Land of Invasion
Nov. 04, 1940 BALKAN THEATRE: Shots at Corizza
Nov. 11, 1940 THE BALKANS: One for All, All for None
Nov. 18, 1940 BALKAN THEATRE: Murk
Nov. 25, 1940 BALKAN THEATRE: First Round Hellas

22nd November 1940 - Premier General Ioannis Metaxas appeared on the steps of the
Army Headquarters building and officially announced the news that drove Athens wild.
"We Have taken Corizza!" (Photo)

Dec. 02, 1940 World War: Sons of Greece
Dec. 02, 1940 BALKAN THEATRE: Zeto Hellas
Dec. 09, 1940 BALKAN THEATRE: Children of Socrates

4th December 1940 - Greek troops capture Premeti, Pogradec and the Albanian port of Sarandes.
6th December 1940 - Greek troops capture Argyrokastro (press)

Dec. 16, 1940 BALKAN THEATRE: Surprise No 6
Dec. 23, 1940 ITALY: Most Solemn Moment
Dec. 30, 1940 STRATEGY: Axis on Second Front
Jan.  13, 1941 INTERNATIONAL: Bulgaria Starts the Cure
Jan.  13, 1941 BALKAN THEATRE: Race for Valona

10th January 1941 - "The bells of Athens rang gladly. Klisura had been captured." (press)

Jan.  20, 1941 World War: Lowlands of 1941
Jan.  20, 1941 BALKAN THEATRE: After Klisura
Feb.  03, 1941 BALKAN THEATRE: Growing Counter

29th January 1941 - "Little Moltlce" ,"Little John", Premier General Ioannis Metaxas dies.
(Ο Θόνατος του Ιωάννου Μεταξά)

Feb. 10, 1941 GREECE: Wanted Bone and Gristle
Feb. 10, 1941 BALKAN THEATRE: Heaviest, Firmest
Feb. 17, 1941 SOUTHERN THEATRE: Fall of Bengasi

22nd February 1941 - Sir Anthony Eden arrives in Greece

Feb. 24, 1941 THE BALKANS: Hitler Gets It
Feb. 24, 1941 BALKAN THEATRE: You Just Retreat
Mar. 03, 1941 GERMANY-- ITALY: Springtime for the Dictators
Mar. 03, 1941 THE BALKANS: Actions Speak Louder
Mar. 03, 1941 BALKAN THEATRE: Il Duce Talks Tanks
Mar. 10, 1941 BALKAN THEATRE: Spring is Here

7th March 1941 - British troop arrive in Piraeus

Mar. 17, 1941 INTERNATIONAL: Hitler's Timetable
Mar. 17, 1941 THE BALKANS: Yugoslavia Next
Mar. 17, 1941 BALKAN THEATRE: Even Without the Turks
Mar. 24, 1941 BALKAN THEATRE: Toward the Unwelcome
Mar. 31, 1941 YUGOSLAVIA: Hitler at the Frontier
Apr. 07, 1941 BALKAN THEATRE: Hornets in the Hills

6th April 1941 - Germany invades Greece from Bulgaria. Battles at the forts called the "Metaxas Line"
"Greece will fight on, no matter what odds are thrown against her, because she has a soul which can never be extinguished." The late, tough-minded General John Metaxas would have been proud of the use they made of his bastions. (Γραμμή Μεταξά - Το Ρούπελ)

Apr. 14, 1941 World War, STRATEGY: A Dictator's Hour
Apr. 14, 1941 BALKAN THEATER: Soul v. Steel
Apr. 21, 1941 BALKAN THEATER: Weakness Defies Strength

18th April 1941 - "Premier Alexander Korizis did his best to defend Greece, killed himself when he felt he could do no more". (press)

Apr. 28, 1941 GREECE: 80-Day Premier
Apr. 28, 1941 BALKAN THEATER: Happy Birthday

27th April 1941 - The German troops enter Athens.

May. 05, 1941 BALKAN THEATER: Too Many of Them
May. 12, 1941 GREECE: According to Formula
Ioannis Metaxas
Ioannis Metaxas
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Greece entered World War II on 28 October 1940, when the Italian army invaded from Albania. The Greek army dealt the first victory for the Allies by defeating the invasion and pushing Mussolini's forces back into Albania.  Hitler was reluctantly forced to send his own forces to overcome Greece in April 1941, and delay the invasion of the Soviet Union by six weeks. This is considered by some historians as the first turning point of the war, since the delay proved disastrous to the German invasion, with the onset of the Russian winter and the strong resistance of the Soviet armed forces halting it before the gates of Moscow.  Although the German invasion of Greece was swift, their forces met fierce resistance on the island of Crete, where the elite Fallschirmjager suffered almost 7,000 casualties. These heavy losses eliminated the option of a massive airborne invasion of the Soviet Union and further expansion in the Mediterranean saving Malta, Gibraltar, Cyprus, and the Suez Canal from airborne invasion.

1940-41: Greece, the First Victory| WW2 Documentary| National Geographic| English Subtitles
The following collections are hand-picked covers and excerpts from the best articles on Greece in World War II, 28th October until 27th April 1941. Use them as chronological guides to TIME's past coverage of a person, event, or topic.
Greece in World War II, from 28th October 1940 until the German entry in Athens 27th April 1941
"Little Moltlce"
Premier General
Ioannis Metaxas
Alexander Papagos
George II,
King of the Hellenes
Sir Winston Churchill
Adolf Hitler
Greece in World War II, from 28th October 1940 until the German entry in Athens 27th April 1941
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Many know that Greece created democracy, but few know that it also saved it… Until now. The Washington Oxi Day Foundation’s events and ongoing activities will resurrect the incredible Oxi Day story and assure it becomes part of the collective public memory.
Early in the morning of October 28th, 1940, the Greek Prime Minister was awoken to respond to a series of demands from a representative of the Axis Powers which would have allowed foreign troops free reign in Greece.
His response was simple, yet firm: “Oxi” - No.
The Washington Oxi Day Foundation is a nonprofit, 501c3 organization dedicated to informing American policymakers and the public about the profound role Greece played in bringing about the outcome of World War II and celebrating modern day heroes who exhibit the same courage as the Greeks did in continuing to fight to preserve and promote freedom and democracy around the world.
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